Priory Aenigma

Priory Aenigma, The Temple of Eclectic Cryptosystems is a game for my fellow cipherpunks. It was introduced in 2019 at DefCon 27.

The game comprises a data file which features 13 encryptions, all delivered on an flash memory chip afixed to a beautiful white-as-the-fallen-snow game board. In order to begin, players will have to sucessfully interface with the game data delivery mechanism, extract the contents, and then puzzle through the embedded messages one at a time.

This is a multi-discipline challenge that blends a number of my interests. Players will need to know some hardware, some software, and some crypto to be successful. Those who do not have experience in one or more of these areas are encouraged to learn. The first few challenges are not overwhelming and anyone with the correct motivation can achieve success. If you're new to games of this sort, then victory will be sweeter than you can imagine.

Priory Aenigma - Clean and Simple

But wait, there's more! When the Priory Aenigma game board is placed in the included polyvinyl polymer housing sleeve and it attached retaining clip is correcltly installed, the assembly becomes fully compliant with all #badgelife standards and specifications! (Note: Priory Aenigma contains no SAO or blinkenlight support).

Priory Aenigma - Badgelife Compliant

Priory Aenigma is a scored game. Players must interact with the game API to to record their successes. There is no clock or time limit on the game. Win Codes (flags) may be invalidated if evidence of cheating or game compromise is discovered. Point values will be reduced if exploits are ever found to have been published.

If you need a hint to get started, here you go!